Circuit Sword Building Service

Circuit Sword Building Service


Building Service for Circuit Sword

I'm offering a service for those who don't feel comfortable, or don't have time to build their own Circuit Sword.

The base service is $200, INCLUDED in the build service when YOU provide the Circuit Sword will be:

- Gameboy shell (black or gray)
- 4000mAh battery
- Extra buttons and membranes (Standard Burgandy, SNES, or Famicom available)
- Custom CM3, or Dot Matrix With Stereo Sound screen cover
- 1 PSP1000 Joystick
- 32GB SDHC card.
- Rear two button membrane based rear bracket for L1 and R1
- Updating of audrino code on the Atmega chip.
- Installation of custom image and configuration for proper working of problematic emulators. (Ps1 and n64)

Once you've submitted your order, I will send you a personalized e-mail to discuss specifics of your build.

Here are just a couple galleries of some of the Circuit Swords I've built to date:
Gray with famicom buttons and 2 joysticks
Gray with burgundy buttons single joystick
Clear with famicon buttons single joystick
Clear with black buttons single joystick

If you happen to have a second Circuit Sword, I will accept it as a straight across swap for payment. If you wish this, please send an email to and we will arrange things.

I've built about a dozen of these, some boards DO end up with problems and defects that need to be fixed. I keep each board labeled to it's specific owner. I am not responsible for any issues with your board as it sits when shipped to me, but I will aid you in getting them fixed as needed.


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